duminică, 18 iulie 2010

Makehuman 3D on Fedora

Makehuman software installation is simple.You must be super user, and then use yum:

#yum search mhgui
#yum install mhgui.i686
#yum search makehuman
#yum install makehuman.i686  
It will automatically install animorph-0.3-6.fc12.i686.
A negative aspect of Fedora 13 is the lack of 3D softwares:Moonlight, Sunflow, Blender 2.5 or Loki Render .
It looks like 3D graphics programs are not a priority.

Fedora 13, FX 5200 and Yo Frankie!

Today I tried to run game "Yo Frankie."
The computer used in this case is older.
It has an FX 5200 video card with 1Gb RAM and processor ASUS motherboard.
I was not expecting a success but he did seem somewhat.
Here are some pictures:

In the "Options" I set no shaders
I must say that without activating the button "Maximaze" will not be able to get to the "Back" from "Option".
Operating system is undoubtedly Fedora 13 with default graphics drivers.
client glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI
OpenGL vendor string: Mesa Project
OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 7.8.1