luni, 25 iunie 2012

Python script using platform module.

You can see how to use the platform python module.

Just see this link.

marți, 19 iunie 2012

Some stuff about linux graphics way.

There is a graphics website called

Here are some realizations on the subject linux.

Go to this gallery to see more.

Can be an inspiration in this domain of linux graphics.

vineri, 15 iunie 2012

Working with old video card and also old Ogre 3D engine and Blender 3D.

I make today an new tutorial about the trips and tricks with Ogre 3D engine using Blender 3D.

If you want to see this , you can go on tutorials part from my site.

This is the just an result of my simple example.

The result is show in next image sample.

joi, 14 iunie 2012

Programming with google-blocky

It's fun . You can try or your children.

Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming language. Users can drag blocks together to build an application. No typing required.

You can see more on google project.

sâmbătă, 9 iunie 2012

Use the "ls" command in the smart way ...

"I think is good to have some tricks.

To make your better live.

For your linux penguin"

This is just one example how you use the "ls" command.

$alias lsg="ls | grep "
$lsg something

"Also we can use this way

To see other things ..."